Canadian Hypnosis Association
Canadian Hypnosis Association
A Canadian Guild, to promote THE ART of Fusing Mind, Body and Spirit in the State of Trance
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Education and Classification

3D-Practitioner Certification levels – all courses offered at 3D-Academy are approved for Canadian Hypnotherapy Association CEUs (Continuous Education Units)
  • Base Course 100 hours – ( includes certification as Hypnotherapist - CH ) Ethics, Legislation, NLP, Inductions, Weight loss, Smoking cessation, Life Regression, overview on past life, life between lives, future life, quantum field access points, nutrition, decalcification, Ancient / traditional / modern healing methods and technologies, initiation, 3D-team work
  • Intermediate Course 50 hours
  • Advanced Course 100 hours
  • CCH Exam Preparation Course and Exam 8 Hours
  • FCH - Forensic Clinical Hypnotherapist 200 Hours: Base course plus Advanced 2 Specialty
  • 3D / MCH Master  Clinical Hypnotherapist / Teacher Course 60 Hours
  • H.E.R. Emergency Hypnotherapy Responder 200 Hours: Base course plus Advanced 1

Intermediate course content 50 hours ( prerequisite 100 recorded patient sessions minimum )
  • Birthing, Getting Pregnant, during Pregnancy, Family connection 6 hours
  • PTSD 3 hours
  • Loss and Grief, regression, out of body cutting cords 20 hours
  • Stem cells, T3/T4 programming 2 hours
  • Past life Pearls 6 hours
  • Life between lives 6 hours
  • Exam fright 4 hours
  • Time Bending / OOBE 3 hours

Advanced 1 course content 100 hours as block course. Individual content courses can be taken and accumulate to the full recognition once completed ( prerequisite 500 recorded patient sessions minimum )
  • Dowsing 12 hours, Ethics, History, Precaution, Prayers, Applications, Handling
  • House Clearing 6 hours
  • Dowsing ( prerequisite ), Crystals, Herbs, Prayers, Spells, Knowing the connection, Hands-on
  • Past lives - out of body 14 hours
  • Emergency Hypnotherapy Responder H.E.R. and Anaesthetic Glove, basic anatomy, physiology and pathology, basic iridology and body markers, suicidal 50 hours
  • Body Journey and all of the Heart 6 hours, Anatomy, Physiology, Electrical System, Regression, Emotion-Body-Reaction, Practice
  • Minors: Infants, children, youth 4 hours
  • Cancer, accompanying and supporting modalities ( ozone, mistletoe, vitamins, nutrition, CBD ) 8 hours

CCH exam with 600 hours / cases - optional
Everyone with CH credential and in good-standing with CHA is permitted to undergo the CCH exam once 600 hours / case studies are fulfilled. The CCH exam is as well available for Hypnotherapist that do / did not practice 3D-Healing.

Advanced 2 Specialty Certification Course ( Prerequisite CCH level )
Forensic Clinical Hypnotherapist ( FCH ) – 100 Hours

3D-Master / Teacher Course content 60 hours ( prerequisite CCH with 2400 hours experience minimum, took all courses base to advanced ), includes certification as Master Clinical Hypnotherapist - MCH
Ethics, Legislation, Classroom, advanced Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Ancient Healing Methods, Quantum Physics, NLP, teaching practice, teaching materials (copyright), business/ legal registration process, room requirements for an academy/ school.

CEUs – For each 10 contact hour educational unit / teaching ( contact hour equals 60 Min ) 1 CEU is issued and applied.

June 3rd, 2020: Update on 5G issue
Please listen into the radio interview about 5G and Health with CHA Board of Direcrtor Eike M. Jordan