Canadian Hypnosis Association
Canadian Hypnosis Association
A Canadian Guild, to promote THE ART of Fusing Mind, Body and Spirit in the State of Trance
Diana Cherry

Goals & Concepts

In accordance with Canadian Government regulations and processes, CHA provides highest standards of training for certification and on-going educational opportunities for our members and the general Public:

To enhance public education and awareness of the benefits of the Ancient Art and Science of hypnosis by attending and presenting at such events as health fairs, medical conferences, public events and educational speaking events

To provide qualified speakers, skilled practitioners and writers within the ranks of our membership

To provide networking opportunities for members

To provide professional and skilled mentorship for members

To provide a referral service for the public who wish to access CHA approved and qualified hypnotherapists

To encourage our members to do research in hypnosis and Trance work and all it's possibilities

To create new levels of quality assurance

To advance and deliver new discoveries and knowledge through 3-D-Healing opportunities within trance work