Canadian Hypnosis Association
Canadian Hypnosis Association
A Canadian Guild, to promote THE ART of Fusing Mind, Body and Spirit in the State of Trance
Diana Cherry

Canadian Hypnosis Association

Welcome to our CHA website. We are very pleased that you have stopped by to learn more about this long standing accredited Canadian organization!

In response to the NWO global realities, as of November 2021 CHA does not accept new membership applications and CHA Board of Directors are not displayed further. This situation is a temporarily measurement in accordance with the global situation. We stay in close contact with all CHA members in good standing!!
Message (May, 2024) from CHA President Detlef Joe Friede, MCH (
Our next AGM will take place on Saturday, December 1, 2024

In the spirit of Dianne B. Cherry (picture above/ right) the CHA was comprised of very Art oriented,  experienced and knowlegdable members across the country, having a personal interest into the fascinating Ancient Art and Science of Hypnosis and Quantum Field access.
Since Year 2020 many of our members decided to keep their memberships in goodstanding, though not to be publicly visible.

Accordig to public available knowledge, the Ancient Art and Science of Hypnosis or the State of Trance, is still the most powerful tool for change and conscious expansion, as it can access the subconscious part of one's Mind and can create permanent changes in one's thought patterns, feelings, emotions and/ or behaviours...and/ or DNA!
During hypnosis - or in better terms - being in the state of trance,  one can become deeply relaxed and peaceful. 
Hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness for the sub-conscious mind. During the hypnosis/ trance process, one can gain deep insights into the origin of problems within various levels or can stimulate  certain adjustment processes.

Finding and releasing that initial trigger, which may have caused Mental or bodily discomfort or illness, negative habits and/ or undesirable behavior is one of many possibilities, using this Ancient Art and Science applications.  

The following possibilities, utilizing available Ancient applications are comon knowledge:

- Removal of negative core beliefs and thought processes
- Release of old programming within the DNA and RNA, resulting in positive changes of bio chemistry. 
- Access and release of non beneficial Meta Programming, Perception, and negative emotions which are hindering.
- Access  Past Life and release negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, affecting the current lifetime and then identify and
   bring forward positive traits from these previous soul experiences
- Access  generationally related imprints and influences, and clear them so they no longer influence a client in this lifetime.
- Energy surgery of unwanted negative emotions and feelings and stored memories from all kinds of sources
- Access Quantum and Morphogenic fields in order to do distance work globally through quantum entanglement
- Access higher levels of consciousness such as Akashic Records and Astral planes in order to retrieve information not readily  
  available through normal states of consciousness
- Bring together the collective wisdom of Mind - Body - Soul / Spirit in order to break patterns of unwanted thoughts,    
   emotions, habits, attitudes and habitual general programming
-. Removal of external unknown stressors such as entities and aka cords
 - Removal of negative impacts of any Wifi or EMF, 5G, radiation and other environmental contaminants or subtances...
   such as nano bots, spike proteins etc.