Canadian Hypnosis Association
Canadian Hypnosis Association
A Canadian Guild, to promote THE ART of Fusing Mind, Body and Spirit in the State of Trance
Diana Cherry

About CHA

The CHA as a Not for Profit organization, was formed and Canadian Government registered in 1977, because it was felt and from Government officials suggested at this time, that training and a code of ethics must be standardized in order to protect the public and practitioners.  Past President Di Cherry, whose picture you see at the top right of this page, was a founding member along with Mumtaz Mitha, Jack and Gail Blackwell, Gerry Gieselman and others  She passed at the age of 84 on Jannuary 14, 2014, and worked, literally to her last day, towards advancing the art of hypnosis through the CHA.  And in the true spirit of Di, many of us experience her continued guidance from the Other Side. Throughout her career as a hypnotherapist, she was proud of - and instrumental in - growing the association from a few local, committed practitioners to an association comprising members across the entire country.  Those of us being close to late Di Cherry are proud to carry on her tradition of excellence in and commitment to the Art and Science of Hypnosis.
Past President and Canadian Hypnosis Icon,  Di Cherry, was - and more important still is - the heart and soul of this organization. The legacy within her teachings and ethics influences today the entire field of Hypnosis and the CHA. This in turn will be continued by her followers, who are present Board members of CHA.

The Canadian Hypnosis Association has the capacity, and knowledge to promote and support the Art of Hypnosis. It's mandate is to provide quality, collaboration with other Associations and Government agencies, ethical direction and a philosophy of focused and quality controlled Art of Hypnosis use and application.

Detlef Joe Friede, MCH
President 2012 - 2023