Canadian Hypnosis Association
Canadian Hypnosis Association
A Canadian Guild, to promote THE ART of Fusing Mind, Body and Spirit in the State of Trance
Diana Cherry

Our Mission

1. The Canadian Hypnosis Association (CHA) mandate within Canada's Society is to promote and govern the Art and the Science of Hypnosis by providing direction, sharing of ancient teachings of the highest quality, and inspiration to those, who wish to practice the Art of Hypnosis for personal improvement or in the clinical setting. It is the mandate and goal of the Association to review and examine each Practitioner and to provide and govern strong moral guidelines and support, placing the client / student first and the Practitioner second. Therefore schools and practitioners undergo a thorough review by CHA to educate and practice to highest quality standards possible.

2. The Canadian Hypnosis Association has the capacity, skill set and knowledge to promote and support the Art and Science of Hypnosis in the clinical setting throughout all levels of Society.  It's mandate is to provide education of the highest quality, collaboration with other Associations and Government agencies, ethical direction and a philosophy of focused and quality controlled Art of Hypnosis client care. In consequence the Society's mandate to vet educational bodies for the following base standards: Classroom - teacher ratio, in class hands-on in every point of teaching content, curriculum content and exam content and requirements. 

3. The Canadian Hypnosis Association is an for decades active, self supporting long time registered association of Master Clinical Hypnotists, Certified Practitioners of Hypnosis, students and International students in the Art and Science of Hypnosis. Its philosophy is to provide a venue of self discovery and self healing based on focused client care. The process of Hypnosis is an Art and it is based on years of scientific work by such great leaders in the field as Milton Erickson, Carl Jung, Di Cherrie, Dave Ellman and others. Its goal is to provide education of the highest quality, current research and discovery, and a governing body of elected Board Members. 

4. The Canadian Hypnosis Association is thrieving to get official creditation through Health Canada, FDA, insurrance service providers and other medical service providers

As defined within Revenue Canada Agency:
Non-profit organizations
A non-profit organization (NPO) is a club, society, or association that's organized and operated solely for:
• social welfare
• civic improvement
• pleasure or recreation
• any other purpose except profit.

CHA's main focus is to cater to social welfare and civic improvement within our Canadian homeland.

4. The Canadian Hypnosis Association is a committed body of persons, dedicated to provide the highest possible standarts of quality within the Art and Science of Hypnosis applications and practise. By supporting sound research and education in the field of Hypnosis, the CHA is dedicatet to help the public understand the benefits of Hypnosis in all areas of personal development, empowerment and self healing.

Within that public acknowledged mandate, CHA thrives to share knowledge with the general public within public lecture or specific structured Art classes.
At present moment in Year 2023, Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy is not acknowledged by FDA, Health Canada or other official Government agencies, as a healing modality in North America. However, more and more private insurrance companies opened up hypnotherapeutic invoice opportunities for qualified CHA members in good standing. Bill 36 in British Columbia / Canada is acknowledged, but does not apply for this kind of art work or study.

5. A CHA accredited and Certified Hypnotherapist (CH) must have passed the CHA application process / exam successfully, have a minimum training and knowledge in the following areas and applications:
Induction Varieties
NLP and Mind Reprogramming
Trance Levels
Body Journey
Life Regression
Past Life Basics
Weight Loss
Smoking Cessation
Anxieties / Fears Regression
Anger Regression
Interference Frequencies
Entities ( introduction )
Trauma Regression
EMF removal
Group facilitation
Energetic Surgery Concepts
Basic Herbology
Reflection on: Acupuncture / TCM, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Ayurveda / Yoga, Iridology, Darkfield Microscopy,                                                                 NES, Nutrition, Systems of the Human Body and their Function
Legal Aspects
Business Aspects
Ethics and Boundaries
Facilitator Initiation

A CHA accredited and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist ( CCH ) must have passed the exam for CCH successfully, proof a minimum training and knowledge in the following areas and applications:

650 hours of Hypnotherapy case studies with recorded results:

Level 2 Certification includes:

Prerequisite: All Level 1 Modalities
Medical Intuition
Field Connection
Out of Body / Cord cutting
Remote Viewing
Time Bending
Stem Cell Activation
Past Life Advanced
Life between Lives
End of Life guidance applications
Opioid Addiction - Addiction  Resolution of any kind
A CHA accredited and Master Clinical Hypnotherapist ( MCH ) must have passed the MCH exam successfully, proof a minimum training and knowledge in the following areas and applications:

2400 hours of Clinical Hypnotherapy 
( optional: the CHA Art and Science of Dowsing, Certificate)

Master Level Certification Includes:

Prerequisite CCH plus 2400 hours experience / cases
Initiation Facilitation
Esdaille States of Trance / Anaesthetic Glove
Instructor Training / Classroom
ER surgery procedures
Soul Retrieval
Satanic Ritual Abuse Remediation
Dowsing done right
Forensic Hypnosis for legal purpose
Cancer supporting modalities
Professional Sports and Corporate Training
Couples Emotion-free Mediation
Trans Applications without age limitation
Teaching Practice and Materials
Business Aspects

6. Art of Hypnosis facilitator and practitioner insurance
All CHA members in good standing have access and a choice within 2 insurance brokers, who are specialized within full liability practitioner and business insurance. CHA does not have any kick back or monetary gain on such relationships, just very good experiences on individual services for very fair prices and - full - specialized practitioner liability coverage.
Both individual brokers offer a group insurance program which is comprehensive and very competitive for CHA members in good standing
Please get in contact with us for more information.

7. Assigned CHA Board of Directors are teaching and sharing the knowledge of the Art and Science of Ancient Hypnosis and all it's applications to the general public, medical institutions, Government agencies.

CHA refers all individuals to Revenue Canada Agency for registry 

8. CHA approved institutions and Academies undergo a credidation process for quality assurance. CHA credited and approved institutions include:
The Ancient Art and modern Science of Hypnotherapy
Quantum Energy based healing modalities
Body Work
Assesment-, Healing-, and Aligning- technologies with modern Scientific based credidation

9. New creditation applications are processed by CHA Board of Director comittees

10. CHA approves individual courses, workshops and classes for CEU credentials. Members of CHA are required to proof a minum of 10 CEU per annum or 25 for a period of 3 Years. Accredited CEUs of any official registered Association are accepted.