Canadian Hypnosis Association
Canadian Hypnosis Association
A Canadian Guild, to promote THE ART of Fusing Mind, Body and Spirit in the State of Trance
Diana Cherry


new workshop dates in 2020:For more info please contact
CHA 2012 - 2020  President
Detlef Joe Friede, MCH

Upon request for your personal empowerment and Conscious
Expansion in today’s world:

Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Class in Nanaimo, BC
3_D-Healing & Art and Science of Hypnosis certification class,
within guidelines and directive of Canadian Hypnosis Association (CHA)
Weekends in February /May 2020
Friday - Sunday,
Naturally Healthy Clinic
210 Milton Street, Nanaimo BC
(250) 755 4051

Module 1:     Introduction to the Art and Science of Hypnosis, Code of Ethics, Psychological aspects, History, Clinical    
                   Hypnosis, Principles of successive approximations, Laws of association/ dissociation, Human psyche in general,
                   Nutrition, basic  Anatomy,  Intake
Module 2:     The human MIND, coherence, “State of MIND”, Neuroscience, Body and MIND connections, Brain functions,
                   central nervous system, Vagus nerve, DNA, vesicle system, Perception, Supplements

Module 3:     Trance states, inductions, suggestibility of the MIND, body responses in the state of trance, Art and Science of
                    trance and hypnosis, principles of interspersing and embedding suggestions, types of hypnotic suggestions,
                    interactive trance, perception, rapport structures, identification of subconscious patterns, Pathology, Physiology

Module 4:     Classical Hypnosis teachings - Milton Erickson, Ernest L Rossi, D. Ellman, J.Braid, Esdaille, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr.
                    Ian Stevenson, Dr. Michael Newton, Diana B. Cherry,  Richard Bandler (NLP), Review personal change
Module 5:      Hypnosis and other healing modalities: Physical - Mental - Spiritual, Kinesiology, EFT, TAT, Reiki, CCMBA,   
                    Emotion Code, Body Talk, PsychK, Healing Touch, Quantum touch, Medical Qi Gong, Recipes for Nutrition,
                    Physical Assessment
Module 6:      Finding the underlaying cause for any dis-ease, energy psychology, subconscious de/re-programming,  
                    Telomeres, Meta programming, Gestalt, Filter system, NLP,  Mirror neurons, Schuman resonance, Quantum
                    Physics and Mechanics

Module 7:      Hypnosis and Energy channeling, Quantum Field access points,  Morphogenetic and Quantum Field possibilities,
                    Psychic and energetic surgery, Energetic block removal within the human system, Distance Healing, Basic 
                     Neurofeedback, NES, HRV, DFM
Module 8:       Regressions: Life, Past Life, future Life, Life between lives, Time line therapy, Multi Generational trans work,
Module 9:       Practical approach: Non smoking, weight loss, PTSD removal, performance enhancement/ block removal,
                      Exorcism/ Entity removal process and principles, Laser /  Acupuncture, Probiotics
Module 10:      Connection to the Quantum Field, Neuroplasticity, Remote viewing/ remote influencing, Out of Body
                      Experiences, Feedback Forms / Patient Diary, Quality Control, Field Initiation
Module 11:      Advanced Art of Hypnosis: Psycho profiling Aura reading, medical intuition, empathy, enneagrams, Forensic
                      Hypnosis, Review Summary personal Physical and Energetic Changes
Module 12:      3D and Canadian Hypnosis Association certification class and test