Canadian Hypnosis Association
Canadian Hypnosis Association
A Canadian Guild, to promote THE ART of Fusing Mind, Body and Spirit in the State of Trance
Diana Cherry

Membership Fees & Structure

CHA Membership Levels

Student Member
Certified Hypnosis 1st degree Level
Certified Clinical Hypnosis 2nd degree Level
Master Clinical Hypnosis 3rd degree Level

Are you a paid-up member of the CHA? 
Fees for 2o19/ 2020 for members in good standing
If you have any questions — Contact: Secretary/ Treasurer 2019/2020:
Birgit Carviel,
7141 Tyee Valley Rd, Courtenay, BC, V9J 1N3,
(250) 483 3927
* Paid up members can have a free link to their website from the CHA website

$25.00 Application for a Student Member

$35.00 Annual Student dues

$25.00 Non practicing members

$100.00 Annual Dues full member