Canadian Hypnosis Association
Canadian Hypnosis Association
A Canadian Guild, to promote THE ART of Fusing Mind, Body and Spirit in the State of Trance
Diana Cherry

Meet the Artists / Members Triology® Wellness, Marilyn Hargreaves

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I am passionate about assisting those who seek to live with vibrancy and joy though finding their truth and essence. I practice Triology®, the integrated wholeness of mind, body and soul, working in partnership with my clients. I am a hypnotherapist, a Life Between Lives® and Quantum Consciousness® Facilitator, and herbalist, with a background in shamanism and navigation of altered states of consciousness. The healing journey begins with a destination in mind, is greatly assisted by a map of your personal route and often accomplished best with the support of a guide. I you are ready to take this journey, with commitment and purpose, it would be my joy and honour to be your guide to that which you seek.