Canadian Hypnosis Association
Canadian Hypnosis Association
A Canadian Guild, to promote THE ART of Fusing Mind, Body and Spirit in the State of Trance
Diana Cherry

Meet the Artists / Members Triology® Wellness, Marilyn Hargreaves

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I am passionate about assisting those who seek to live with health, vibrancy and joy. I have lived, studied and now practice Triology™ a healing philosophy that integrates mulitple healing modalities to achieve healthy, purposeful living that honours each aspect of self – body, mind and soul. I approach wellness as a partnership with my clients. In addition to being a certified hypnotherapist, biologist, practising herbalist and have experience in multiple healing modalities. Together we probe the sub and super-consious mind to explore the root cause of dis-ease, whether in the physical, emotional or spiritual aspect of your being. From there we can co-create a wellness program to meet your individual healing needs and aspirations. For those ready for deeper investigation into the Soul’s charter, challenges and purpose, I am trained in Past Life Regression and certified in Life Between Lives™ Hypnotherapy, though the Dr. Michael Newton Institute (